hands-on home maintenance offers a professional handyman service based in Flintshire and cover's the Wrexham and Chester area's. Specialising in all handyman jobs around the house that mount up over time and never seem to get done.

hands-on-diy offer-


  • No call out charge

  • Free no obligation quotes

  • Agreed time slots

  • No mess and with minimum disruption

  • A friendly and honest service based on trust


A handyman is essentially a jack-of-all- trades who can take on many small jobs or one specific job that is troubling you as a property owner. Indoor chores or outdoor maintenance are all part of my services. If I feel the job is too big and beyond my means, I will give you free advice and guidance of the appropriate tradesmen you will need to carry out the work.


Usually, I will quote a price for individual work. The most common

quotes are- (Labour only*)

To clean out mouldy sealant and to reseal a bath     £45

To hang just the 1 door                                              £50

If more than 1 door                                                    £40 per door

To hang a TV on the wall                                           £45

Fit outdoor tap                                                           £45

The above are examples of just a few, so feel free to call or message for a quote.


Charge is for the SUPPLY OF LABOUR ONLY. Should I be required to use my time and fuel to source or purchase items and materials on your behalf, then an additional cost based on my time, fuel and materials will be made.

Materials DOES NOT mean the cost of supplying (if required) screws, nails, rawl-plugs etc as these are included within the rate, however, if it is required for me to go out and source/purchase a new fence panel, a light fitting for example, then obviously these will be charged for as an additional expense over and above the standard rate.

Most people choose to use the services of hands-on home maintenance as a "labour" service only and choose to purchase their own materials before I arrive, but the choice is entirely up to you.... I may even source materials cheaper!!




Any large, excessive waste generated, for example packaging, rubble, old doors for example.....basically anything that won't fit in a bin bag, is down to the customer to dispose of. This is because of the rules applied by local authority regarding "trade waste" which is no longer excepted at local C.A. or skip sites. As a member of the public, you can dispose of as much waste as your car can carry..... for free!! but for me as a trader, I am unable to take your waste to these skip sites. This is because-

1) No commercial vehicles, of any size, or twin axle trailers are allowed on C.A. sites.

2) Trade waste is "Not Accepted".... Full Stop!


In order for me to dispose of your waste means I have to apply for a waste carrier's licence and permits and then have to pay a fee in order for me to dispose, which unfortunately I must pass onto the customer.

Obviously, certain jobs will include hiring of a skip for large volumes of waste, this helps both myself and you, the customer, in getting rid of your rubbish. Either you can organise this yourself or it can be included in the price of your quote.