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Everybody love's a bit of decking!

Any size and style can be constructed using quality timbers sourced local merchants. Excellent quality decking boards, with plenty of width and thickness that you won't find down at your DIY store!

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PVc Cladding.


PVc cladding offers a simple solution to unsightly facia's, canopy's etc and are virtually maintenence free. It never rots and it never needs painting, all you have to do is give it a clean now and then!!

Garden Makeovers.


When you purchase a new build, most developers will give you the basics when it comes to the rear of your property. To me its like a blank canvass, you draw up your design and I'l try and make it happen.

More will follow........


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You decide how big or small you want them and how it looks. You design it and I'll give you tips along the way, then I'll build it!










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Door Hanging Service.

Door's hung from £40 per door. To hang fire door's will incur an extra cost due to the weight and extra equipment installed on them.


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This job was a build at home, but shows that even your child, or a grown up, can also own a playhouse like this! You can even draw up a design of your own and I will do my best to rustle up something of your liking. ​P.S. hands-on-diy does not condone child labour, but he had to earn his pocket money :)